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Marshland House
Middle Drove
PE14 8JT

Tel: 01945 430515



Welcome to Paul Binns Swords.

Due to the backlog of work I am not currently able to take on any new orders. I apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused and would like to thank my customers for their continued patience and understanding.

I am still making combat swords and other items for sale and you can find the latest information on my Facebook page.

I produce a wide range of weaponry from my traditional forge at Middle Drove in the middle of the Fens and my wife Alison helps run the business side.

I have been producing swords since leaving school and became particularly interested in the Dark Age, Medieval and Tudor periods when I became a historical re-enactor. This encouraged me to expand my scope to cover a wide range of weapons including seaxes, axes, pole arms and spears.

I have made weapons for film and television productions and also for museums, but most of my time is spent producing swords and other equipment for re-enactment and it is for this that I have developed a world wide reputation with a client base that covers Europe and stretches as far away as the USA.


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